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Photo @RTS/FranckMenta

Photo @RTS/FranckMenta



Paul Sutin is an acclaimed producer, composer, musician and recording specialist, with production resources teamed with years of creative and executive experience that can bring any idea to life, while teaching others along the way. From Phil Collins to the Pope, Paul has worked with everyone, and is warmly renowned for always doing it with a smile...


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Music Production

From producing and recording to collaborating as musician, Paul has worked with a veritable who’s who around the world, and his musical travels have taken him around the globe.


Solutions & Logistics

Commercial shoots, Photoshoots, Videos, Location Procurement, Production teams... Paul sources whatever you require, easily.

He is a maestro of video editing, has relationships with the best local production teams, and an in-depth knowledge of local resources and location availabilities to provide solutions for any production needs.

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Executive Direction

Keeping everyone on the tracks and going in the same direction is a unique talent, and Paul has amassed 35 years experience of controlling all facets of productions and resources seamlessly, calmly, and always with a smile.

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Studios of all sizes are at his fingertips, from his founding of the iconic Dynamec then Legend Studios, to boutique smaller recording environments, Paul has had his fingers on the controls of massive orchestral recording rooms, to intimate recording environments. He is at home in any studio control room around the world.



Film & Video Direction / Creative Direction

Creativity behind the microphone or a camera, Paul’s eye is as exceptional as his ear, and his production resources bring visions to life.



Commercial shoots for a multitude of brands and celebrities.


Music Videos

Global stars and local talent, Paul works to any scale with a smile.


From audiences with the Pope, to documenting rock tours with YES, The Jackson 5, Phil Collins and more, to visual art projects, Paul is clearly multi- visional.


Live Events

Kids Voice Tour

Visionary, Executive producer, Judge, Mentor to the Kids

Paul is instrumental in the development, execution and production of the national Kids Voice Tour, which takes place with auditions in cities all across Switzerland, culminating in the Nationally televised final crowning the new Kids Voice Star every year. He works closely in developing a platform to give kids a chance to realise their singing dreams and launches their careers at the highest professional standards


VIP Events

  • Procurement, Staging, Catering, & all elements of Production

  • Paul has a lengthy resume of world class events staged in and around the Geneva area of Switzerland.

  • Corporate, Private, NGO’s, Celebrity


Tour Planning

Paul has over 35 years of being on the road, and is an expert in strategising the most effective and efficient way to put talent on the road. From organising private jets to planning clever routing through micro-markets, experience is golden.





Over 100+ productions and co-writes, and has written the songs for Steve Howe, Jermaine Jackson, and many breaking new artists. He has composed Film Music for documentaries with Michael Caine, Mike Horn and Peter Ustinov.

Composition & Arrangement

Composing pieces with rock and pop stars, to full orchestras and classical compositions, 35 years brings you a long way. Orchestral arrangement is also an art unto itself and Paul has worked with the best.


Education / the Arts

Each one teach one


Education of the arts

Paul stresses the importance of education in the arts, and highlights the connection between the worlds of Art and Music. He has produced multiple collaborations incorporating these fields together, and teaches them both professionally.

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Media & communications

He holds a PhD in Social Science and is completing a Masters in History of Art, actively teaching locally, while lecturing around the world.

"The eye and ear are both intrinsically connected to the soul..."


Music School

Paul also runs a music school to teach and mentor young artists in music, writing and performance, and works with developing young talent across many disciplines



What goes around comes around

Paul has always dedicated a portion of his time to good causes, and participated in the creation and structuring of well organised foundations to do so.


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The Legend Foundation

Paul’s own foundation dedicated to teaching and educational support.


Little Dreams Foundation

w/ Orianne & Phil Collins

Helping children around the world through music.

International Menuhin Academy

Classical scholarships & musical training.



HEAD Office

Rue Peillonnex 8
Geneva 1225, Switzerland

TEL: +41-79-358-3894

EMAIL: paul.sutin86@gmail.com



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